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Leadership Essentials

Practice ownership can be overwhelming. If you’re tired of simply “running” your practice and are ready to operate as the practice CEO, Dr. MaryJane Hanlon can help you refine your leadership approach and create fail-safe strategies for practice excellence.

Gain the strategies, systems and mindset needed for success.

Step fully into your role as CEO of the practice:
  • Gain an insider’s look into how human resource systems, C-suite wisdom and business best practices
  • Effectively engage employees for a more satisfying work environment and financial bottom line
  • Understand how and when to deliver praise in a well-managed practice
  • Uncover the fundamental roles of emotional intelligence, creativity, endurance, and high standards
  • Examine the five key areas a business owner needs to concentrate on for financial success.

Creating powerful leaders by providing the essential framework and foundation necessary to lead through change to success.


Dental Practice Ownership (Mini-MBA)

Align your vision, values and business strategy to establish management practices, teamwork, leadership and a framework for success within your practice.

Goals, clarified expectations, and
increased team performance to a higher standard.

Powerful tools and evidence-based management systems:
  • Leadership toolkit, continuous improvement philosophy, communication skills, honest assessment of self and others, and becoming a learning organization.
  • Draw from the Toyota Production System to create your advanced quality improvement system
  • Incorporate consensus-building (vs. top-down) decision-making in practice management
  • The Action-Reflection Learning Cycle
  • The Seven Wastes, Kaizen, and Principles of the Toyota Way

Creating powerful teams by clarifying expectations and roles leading to self-directed, higher performance standards. 

Quality Assurance Consulting for Dental Practices by MJ Hanlon

Quality Assurance

In the coming years, inevitable outside pressures to reduce the cost of care while improving patient outcomes and satisfaction will transform dentistry as they have healthcare overall.

Get a jumpstart by designing and implementing a Quality Assurance (QA) program in your practice!

Benefits of Designing a Comprehensive Quality Assurance Plan:
  • Gain insight, highlight hidden issues, and create opportunities for improvements in patient care and reductions in overhead and waste.
  • Set goals, creating project outlines, plan resources, and evaluate outcomes.
  • Diagnostics, image labeling, charting, anesthesia, various treatments and therapy outcomes.
  • Utilize self-assessments and measure outcomes for patient satisfaction and care.
  • Incorporate monthly self-audits to uncover potential issues, set benchmarks, and establish the highest level of care for patients.

Creating deeper insight into practice performance and quality by tracking metrics that reflect the health of the business.  


Comprehensive Practice Analysis
and Annual Plan

A Comprehensive Practice Analysis establishes where your practice is compared with standard benchmarks within the dental industry allowing the practice owner to create an action plan to take their practice to the next level.

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Dental Leadership Blueprint Series

Gain powerful tools and evidence-based management systems that can take your business to the next level.

Dental Leadership Blueprint Series

Gain powerful tools and evidence-based management systems that can take your business to the next level.